Buy Facebook Likes

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need fans, followers, and/or views?

Expanding your potential client base makes advertising your item or product/services straightforward! The bigger the intended interest group the more chance there is of sales!

What method do you use to get these fans, followers, and/or views?

We have a large network of social media users. Our team uses a unique system of spreading your page or video to the users of our network in order to gain real fans, followers, and/or views. We strictly stick to each social network's terms of service approaches and continuously obtain our customers an enduring stream of new fans and followers.

How fast can you deliver these fans, followers, and/or views?

All orders are processed and started the same day. For all packages, you should start to see growth within about 24-72 hours on average.

How do I place an order? What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a worldwide digital currency that uses some of the latest advances in math and cryptography to keep your payments safe, private, and secure. Using any Bitcoin exchange or wallet service such as Coinbase, all you have to do once you arrive at the payment confirmation screen is to send the designated amount of Bitcoins to the assigned wallet address. It's that simple. Once we receive that we get right to work and you should hear from us soon after!

Where are most of the fans, followers, and views from?

We are located in Chicago: the home of the Bulls, Bears, and the best pizza in the US! Most of our fans, followers, and views come from countries like the US, UK, Australia, France, Brazil, Turkey, Spain, Canada, and Russia.

Are these fans, likes, and followers 100% real?

Absolutely, We only deliver REAL fans and followers to your fan pages when you buy Facebook likes, followers, or views through our service.

Do I have to give you my Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube password?

No, we do not need any of your passwords in order to deliver when you use us to get more fans, buy Twitter Followers, or get more YouTube views. All we need is a URL.

Is my information private?

We never use your name in any of our marketing case studies or materials without your permission. We understand that our customers demand discretion. Your privacy is protected and nobody will know that you have used our service. Additionally, with Bitcoin your payment is also completely private and we have zero of your personal information.

Do you accept all kinds of fanpages or videos?

For the most part yes, but we reserve the right to refuse orders for pages or videos that promote abuse or hate.

Are your services 100% safe for my Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube pages?

Yes, our services are 100% safe. We are very careful to be in full compliance with each network's terms of service and we do not use any kind of automated software or bots to promote your page, get you followers, or when you buy YouTube views. We do real, human marketing, so there is no risk you.

Are you hiring?

If you're a talented marketing professional or technology expert who is interested in working with us, please send us your resume and tell us a bit about yourself and what separates you from the rest.